DAVIDE DILIBERTO - designer of refined shapes

Acquaplano is my first range of bathroom taps for Hego Waterdesign. Its style is extremely neat and rigorous, featuring a perfect mix between taut and rounded lines. The soft surface at the top is truncated by a sharp cut, creating a contrast that enhances the finish and give the product a sturdy look.
The levers in every version feature the same rounded cross section, not just for aesthetic consistency, but to achieve the best pleasure when operate as well.
I took inspiration from the smooth back of killer whales, emerging from the water. I wanted to keep a contact with shapes of nature and, most of all, a relation with water. Then I’ve stiffened the shape the right amount to keep the technical look that every industrial product should have. Acquaplano will be available in several versions, an all-rounder that will easily fit a wide range of environments and styles. It has been officially shown in April, at the Salone Internazionale del Bagno, during the 2018 Milan Design Week in Italy.


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